Mission Statement

Revolution Development Cycling’s mission is: Be Safe. Have Fun. Ride Fast….really, really FAST.  Revolution Development Cycling develops our young athletes to be “True Champions” – winners on and off the bike and we believe character counts.

Vision Statement

It is the vision of Revolution Development Cycling to become the premiere Junior Development Team in the state of Kentucky. We have a passion for safety. We are parents too! We want to instill in every one of our riders the necessary physical and mental skills to be respectful of safety and this takes constant training. We will train in technique, etiquette, rules and sportsmanship to help create good ambassadors for our sport as well as good community members. We expect to see our older riders lead by example and demonstrate winning attitudes to their teammates. The Revolution Development Cycling vision is to foster and train these youth to be competitive in three key cycling disciplines: Road, Cyclocross and Mountain Biking.

Value Statement

We value others as much as ourselves and commit to serving our fellow teammates and those we race against with the utmost respect…even when that is hard. We value health and fitness and are committed to training hard so that we can race well for our team, and serve others when needed. We want to be role models for other junior competitors, in our actions, our attitude and outlook.


Revolution Development Cycling is designed for young men and woman of all riding abilities ages 5 -17. Those that dedicate themselves to learning and training will move to higher levels of racing with increased challenges. The development pipeline moves younger riders of beginning skill levels up to the top level of junior racers.  Many of our young riders, from 10-12 year olds to our “elite” riders compete in National Events.

Being A Champion

  • A Champion makes everyone around them better.
  • A Champion doesn’t always win, but they NEVER quit.
  • A Champion wins from within.
  • A Champion is thankful in ALL circumstances.
  • A Champion doesn’t brag about how good they are.
  • A Champion does the little things well.
  • A Champion doesn’t make excuses.
  • Champion works hard even when people aren’t watching.
  • Champion focuses on continuous daily improvement.
  • Champion can’t always change their situation but they can change their attitude.